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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A well spent 79 kronor...9 symphonies by Mr Beethoven...

An itunes bargain bin in my opinion.
Beethovens 9 symphonies for a mere 79 kronor and of course a download that took a while and froze everything on the old box at work..
However, its a great set of works and once again you have to admire these guys who did it all with a pen and paper...
I always have a laugh when I listen to the classics as most of my ex girlfriends have always accused me of listening to psyco music when I listen to classical music, something to do with the films they watch like "hannibal" and such where the crazies listen to classical music whilst they tear into some human flesh with a carving I wrote, they're mostly exe's and who knows, maybe at the bottom of somebodies garden in black bin bags ala Dexter....

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