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Saturday, July 3, 2010

TC Electronics Twin Impact.Warp Speed Number 9 , Mr Sulu

Well I finally took the dive into buying a sound card to record some patterns and it was always gonna be a headache but I stuck to my guns and purchased the TC Electronic Impact twin. Firewire 800 and Albeton Live lite 8 as software. This took some head scratching to figure out but I finally starting recording after a few hours and I have to say I'm impressed by this box which contains more "buzz" words than most and if you want to learn more as to why this is considered the best for it's price then I suggest you look up the TC website as they're pretty good as marketing their own gear.
Software wise I'd rather have started with the Cubase, but on the other hand I've no idea why. 
The plan is to record from microphone into the box and try and get a good sound from the jubilee and analog pedals. I'm gonna use an idea I found a guy did on youtube with a marshall head, more on that when I get into it.
So far I've laid down some "live sets" from the patterns I've been coming up with and then playing over the top of them.Its an incredible unit and the software has so many extras it will take some time to sort out. 

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