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Thursday, July 8, 2010

DB and Scary Monsters

Great sound on this one...
Something about Bowie, to be honest never been a huge fan but when I watched Tin Machine I became a fan of that project.
Big sound on this song , I like.

And then this popped up right...Ok, Iggy Pop and Bowie...what I liked more was the raw guitar sound on this song...awesome!

Anyone know who the guitarist would be with Iggy and Bowie? Would it be Ron Asheton(above)?
Could well be a flying V supporting 3 P-90s...that must sound frikken magic! Great crunch regardless!
And talking of crunch...the project I was hoping would possibly come together may actually be a reality..
A weird story of sleeping in a forest, cycling a cycle and listening to way too much FooFighters and I hear two very good musician friends may be working a project in the future...fingers crossed!

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