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Monday, July 5, 2010

funny how it all started....

having just came across "All the worlds a stage" by Rush and blasting "Bastille day", I started recalling "back in the day" when the pathway started all those many many years ago and how it actually all started.
For me, it was a rather interesting start into rock music.It all started with a cover.Well, several covers.
My mother and I were in the equivalent of ICA MAXI in Scotland and she asked me if I wanted a record...
You know, an LP, a bit more dramatic and substantial than a digital download or CD..
So I looked through the records and there, amongst everything was a record cover that caught my attention...
Never heard of the group, but one down.
She said I could take another...must have been a special off I went and grabbed another which had also caught my attention..Once again I'd never heard of them or even knew what to expect..

Here they are...
Both remain favorites and obviously still survive despite the generations of fashion changes.
Same year, and off I went on the bus to Geneva to a very different world to be with my Father, and he would send me into Geneva with money to have a look around..Next two covers that caught my attention really and that had me on the hook, into the boat and beaten around the head were the following;

 Fortunate enough to see all of these acts live and to this day all up there as favorites.
I'd have to say that Rush take top spot as they have kept me listening to so much "work" that they do behind the frontpage so to speak, the Ramones just keep me from manic pace and of course AC/DC, with Bon, are the Rock'n'Roll I prefer.Thin Lizzy are timeless, as are the rest I suppose.
What is most scarey is the year, 1979 I believe, possibly 78 when these purchases were made...

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