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Monday, July 12, 2010

A locking nut appears.....

Yesterday a Black S800 was dropped off at the house(black version) and I was asked to give a value on the guitar as it was never used and was just a dust collector.
As I'd never seen one before I thought , best to stick it through the marshall. Very impressive actually. Had a quick scan around the net and had a look at some of the prices, I don't think you'd get this much guitar for those prices nowadays.I've read that the S800, unlike the s600, has an Alder body and not Basswood as written elswhere. The S800 and 900 seemed to be higher end of the S series with the 900 getting a neck thru body and body binding.
Rosewood fretboard , maple neck , coil tap on the bridge pup , which are Tech 2 pick ups? They sound good for 80's medal, thats for sure! Gain up and the bridge sounds great with or without tap.
All in all a very impressive guitar for something built in Korea back in the day, one of those that you end up playing more than the more expensive variants.

On the way is what I believe to be an Original Roland Cube which could be interesting....more on that when it arrives..

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