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Friday, July 16, 2010

One of the Greats! Uncle Ted

Nugent. Magic! I reckon he is a guitarist that hasn't been really that recognised for how good a player he is...but thats just my own opinion..I remember my first listen to Great Gonzos Live and that was it..Thank goodness for Youtube you now get some classic concerts and even though there is a great old version of this, my favorite Ted song, on the tube from 77 with his gibson Byrdland, I prefer the 87 version even though the sound of his Byrdlands is awesome!

Now then, Nugent , Uncle Ted, is a rather strong patriot of his Country and he is rather unspoken in certain areas..keep in mind if your European your not gonna really understand the politics (or not) of the USA, I mean, NRA and all the know, it causes all kinds of arguments if you pull out some of the topics that he pulls up when your in Sweden, but lets face it, Sweden lives in a bubble of "playing neutral when it suits us", "ignore our own problems but look good to the rest of the world"

Have a listen..

and then on Mexico..

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