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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Few parts arrived today for the project.
cost a bit but an important part to the project, an original zxr750r k ecu box. brand new in the box, so hopefully no issues!
As finding a wiring harness will be tough, I'm either going with a full race harness that I'll put together or easier than that, buy an L series wiring harness and modify to fit.
The front and rear spindles also arrived, which basically means that there is a rolling chassis sans the kitchen in not rolling but pretty much all there.
Last parts of the puzzle are the heavy original ZXRR engine. It's been sourced and is awaiting collection. Obviously and per usual, it's original FCR's have been swiped , but that isn't an issue as I probably wouldn't go for the original anyway as the choke isn't a necessary part.
Once the engine is collected and some tyres have been sourced, the bike will be complete except for some minor bits and bobs , a set of carbs and an airbox.

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