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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fenders got a run...and the Iroko Schecter...

specs left to right:

71 Red Telecaster:-
An interesting history indeed. Apparently a 71 body that has been "shaved"...original neck was broken and replaced. The neck apparently built by the same guy who used to make necks for Bruce Springsteen. It's without doubt the best neck I've ever had on any of the guitars. Previous owner added a middle pick up and plectrum cover at some point. I replaced all the pickups with signed Barden originals. Amazing playing and sounding telecaster.

Vanilla Strat:-
Fender 62 RI body with Sliders SRV replica scatterwound pickups. Neck is a Schecter neck from the early 80's and apparently from the same run that Billy Gibbons had given to SRV to use on Lenny. All I know is that it's a frikken amazing neck. All plastic is aged and from FATBOY in the UK.

EJ Relic Strat:
This strat started life as a 2006 EJ signature body. Then I came across a fella who had decided to get an EJ signature neck reliced professionally.So mated that together with the body and went to town by adding reliced tuners and plastics , once again from FATBOY, except this time I went with '54 period plectrum guard and bakelite knobs and bobs as well as rounded 54 pickup covers ( more rounded).
The bridge and block is a genuine 54 relic which is heavier as the holes for the strings aren't drilled as deep. All the screws are reliced as well and the springs are also relic.
Couple of years ago on a xmas day a fella somewhere in the galaxy sold a set of custom shop pickups (straight, no rewind in the middle pup) from a thin skin custom shop Strat. These are only available on those guitars and aren't sold separately from the custom shop. Highly recommended if you ever get the chance to pick up a set. Looks the business and isn't over reliced, and sounds awesome.

last but not least:-
Schecter strat
This one started life as an Iroko wood bodied custom shop Schecter body. The interest was obviously the difference in wood. A few years later and a Schecter reverse head rosewood neck turned up which slotted firmly into the CS body. Tuners are also period Schecter that don't really require a string tree.
Once again my favorite vintage green plectrum cover and vintage relic knobs and bobs made it on the guitar. The block and bridge are from the Fender Brass Series , sold for only a year I believe as the brass was gold plated (24K) and the costs were too high. The block is a massive brass effort which I tied together with a solid brass claw, connected by three "silent" springs.Pick ups aren't really that much to discuss, except for the bridge pickup which is apparently from a 59 guitar.The middle pickup is from a lefty and is a seymour duncan and the neck is from an EJ signature.
One of my favorite builds and playing guitars.

All of these have only been put together as players. Tone and feel. Lightweight, balanced and specials.
The sum of all the parts really make them all quite special.

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