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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In the Shed over the festive season!

Been down to the shed over the festive season and continued the work on the fiberglass fairing. It came pretty rough and without any holes of course.
So, the tools required are: a tool to heat up and burn holes into the fiberglass, a blow torch, rivet gun, Dzus fasteners and a hand drill with different sizes of spade drill bits.

The rest is fairly easy but can obviously end up in tears if not due and attention are adhered to.
As I didn't have a screen, I decided to fit the screen that came with the bike, despite the fact that the previous owner had drilled holes through the screen to attach the top fairing brackets to the frame...must have done it as an emergency as it's the most stupid work I've witnessed...
So, after sucking up the smell of burning fiberglass, and drilling, riveting etc, the fairing is now fitted.
Although currently I've fitted a different bottom half to see if it would fit. I've still to fit the lower half that came with the top half.

So, now it's off with that bottom half, and off with the top half. tape the new bottom half to the top and mark up for the holes to be burned and then tapped into the lower half. Not expecting it to be too difficult. Once that is done, it's off to find a paint shop and order up a new screen. 

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