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Monday, January 27, 2014

I've started so I'll finish....Project ZXRR

Not sure if it's amusing or otherwise as to why this project started...
basically after the ZXRR was stolen and I knew I'd be getting some insurance I scrambled to rebuild another ZXR as I had some parts left over from the first time she was smashed and recovered, including a frame, rear seat unit, muzzy works exhaust system and a set of rear sets.
Obviously I was then informed that the insurance company wouldn't pay out cash, just a cheque that I would have to use to buy another bike...
At this point I'd already spent money on getting the "hard to find" parts....

So I decided to carry on buying parts and keep the project going.
The key was to find the parts that distinguish the K from the J. So obviously an engine was important and that has now been sourced.
The K forks and rear shock have been sourced and bought.
The K ECU has been sourced and bought.
The wheels which are generic to both were also sourced and bought. As they came pretty much complete with discs and drive / sprocket it shouldn't be too long before I have a rolling chassis.
As I had GSR1000 6 pots on my last one, I still have the original calipers as well as the rear linkage set up as I had changed that to the more linear set up with L links and P rocker arm. Or vice versa..

Not sure what the plan is once she starts coming together. Seriously thinking of making her a track bike. We shall see...the parts currently pile up in the kitchen...

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