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Sunday, January 12, 2014

ZXR750 wheels...

If you've been following the blog, you would have read that my last ZXR750R was stolen. twice to be exact. First time she was crashed...I rebuilt her...then she was stolen again and that was the last time we heard from her..
So, I've been collecting ZXR750R parts to use some of the crashed parts I still had, together with some sourced parts to rebuild a ZXR. It became a bit of an obsession once my other one was stolen..
Currently a lot of the "harder to find" parts have been sourced...some at an over the top price...but I felt it was important to get the parts that defined the R version from the J.
One of the last parts for the chassis was a set of wheels. And today they were sourced, complete with disc brakes and drive sprocket ( no doubt the cush-drives will have to be changed..)

The difference with this one will be I'm not planning on the build as a road bike but as a road racer.

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