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Thursday, August 8, 2013

748 update

So, first Ducati Desmoquattro and the more you read the more you worry..
First of all, the positives are all there. handling is amazing, looks are the dogs bollox, sound of the twin running open pipes and dry clutch sounds are full race...and basically the 748 was made as a race bike to be used on the road..wrists take the pressure, pillions grow in your back and you realise the pillion setup was an after thought...and it's all worth it until you start reading about flaking rockers...blown up engines...
so, when I bought the bike I was thrown some old receipts from previous owners.
To my surprise was the amount of money people spend on servicing their bikes. The first one was 25,000 kronor! the second included a new crank, rods, camshaft bearings, 3 new tappets..the list went on and on.., I phoned the guy whose shop had been doing the bike. Apparently he had completely rebuild the engine due to an implosion. He said that the engine had been put together previously really badly, with oil seals 5 mm out of position, wrong oil and basically not taken care of.
This was all good info, as all his work had been done at 31,500 km and the bike came in my hands at 34,750 km. The belts had been changed, engine rebuild and the rockers, cams and everything else had been checked. That was good news and I now do not have to worry about flaking rockers and not having a history of the bike.
The fella said the key to keeping the high revvin' 748's in good check, is a 2 minute start-up on the fast throttle setting before giving it any throttle, and also to not go cheap on oil. Good news then :)

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