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Friday, August 9, 2013

Owl blood transfusion and cover change

Today and the Owl got a blood transfusion. After having discussed the oil requirements I discovered that the Motul 300V fully synthetic oil was NOT the way to go with an Fzr750r Ow01. Now what was useful was the 3 litres of Mobil Super 2000 semi that I bought for the Zxrr before it was stolen...
...And after the discussion with the Ducati mechanic, apparently the best oil for the 748s Ducatis is the Motul win!
This was also a handy time to take the advice from the same person and change the clutch cover to a version with an oil window as the Owls are very sensitive to oil levels and also burn oil quite fast. This was a pleasure as the original looked pretty poor.


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