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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cams in...fuel pump primed....

Right then...

why did the cams have to come out you ask? Simple...I fucked up...infact, by the end of this I fucked up twice..very frustrating.., first of all, there she was, put together, fuel pump attached to a battery to fuel up the fcr's just to make sure that there would be fuel in the bowls..

turn key..and...nothing..then a couple of huge back fires that would make a dragon proud!

however..on closer inspection I noticed water droplets dripping down the front cylinders...dammit! I realised that I hadn't torqued the head nuts properly and now I was paying the price! came the radiator and plumbing, off came the FCR's and of course the cam cover.
Out came the cams...
..torqued down the heads...but before I put the cams in I checked the timing against the T was at this point I felt the timing wasn't as it should be..
..mistake number two coming soon..
to get the timing where I felt it should be..I unbolted the cam sprocket and moved it a few degrees to ensure (or though it was to ensure) the timing would be more correct.
..cams back in, FCR's back on...radiator and plumbing and of course all electrics..

turn key...wiz wiz CRACK! was at this point the front part of the magnesium cam cover cracked off and spat itself over the floor...the changing of the cam sprocket had caused an ever so slight kink in the cam chain which simply snapped off the front of the cam cover...
...there was nobody to blame but myself however I tried to dismiss the fact that I had fucked up.. came the get the idea..

Obviously by this time I was pretty pissed off at such a basic miss on my behalf. Luckily I had the original cover from the OWl as I had used a yzf750 cover as it had a better gasket.

oh yes..fitting of the rubber gasket to a magnesium cover..1 hour of it falls off when your turning it over to fit it..

Another look at the timing, including putting back the cam sprocket to exactly where it was, getting the TDC on the first cylinder, getting the lobes in the suggested area of O/C and then ensuring the timing marks were set, and it was back on with everything.

This time everything turned over as it kinks...

primed up the carbs again and hit the start button..

..she was struggling to fire up and seemed to only be "making some noise" on the cylinder 4.
Right enough, only pipe 4 was getting warm.
opened the mouths of the FCRs several times and suddenly, on the starter, she fired up!

Obviously the FCR's are extremely temperamental with regards start-up it's gonna take a wee bit work to ensure the settings are correct. The tick-over setting hasn't been set and I'm not currently convinced the fuel pump is actually working, but will soon find out.

Next on the agenda is to get the bike outside and see if I can get her started again and get some idea of where we are with the FCR's. No water appearing anywhere which was the first major issue sorted out. Part II will be sooner than later...

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