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Friday, January 7, 2011

weathers getting worst! Only one thing for it...

With more snow followed by more wind and rain followed by warm weather...then cold weather...then fucknose what kinda kinda have to look forwards to the bike season and in order to have something ready you gotta take a walk down to the project...which is exactly what I did , once I'd seen off my two sons after a two week seasonal holiday..hence the minimal amount of work on the zxr.

Last time I was down I managed , with the help of my eldest, to get the engine back in the new frame.Then all came to an abrupt end when I realised I'd need verniers to make sure the engine was square in the chassis.

So tonight I went down, sorted out the distances and bolted her in, good and tight.
I'm pleased with the 6 pot conversion up front.The gold calipers work with the carbon fibre mudguard.
I started about refitting the wiring harness, rad, exhaust and finally carbs and airbox. The left lower rad mount was off a tad after the crash , so that needed some assistance..

Heres a mix of pix of where we are...unfortunatly I'll have to stick to the stock exhaust until after the special mot the bike has to go through due to the german frame.

Just to note that when I first took the bike apart , the electrics were already a bit of a mess.This wasn't a show room bike on the inside and had been used as a track bike imo or at least a cafe racer on the streets of Japan. I couldn't care less, but I'll try and clean up a bit better than I found it.
I'll list the changes tomorrow.

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