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Thursday, January 13, 2011

To be or Not Jv, that is the question..

Reluctantly I took the JV back to the local Music shop today.
Amazing guitar to play, light body, 9,5 radius rosewood neck...not sure why, and as silly as it sounds...the fact that it was a second generation JV, which is to say that it doesn't have the "made in japan" on the headstock..and the fact that I felt the body was poly coated and not nitro like the 85s and 115's..and the fact that the pups had been changed ....well..who knows.
Such a light guitar that the question is if its a sen ash body.Does it matter...well, probably not actually. In fact, the most annoying facts are right there...none of the above should be annoying at all. Its got a new nut and refret and carries a really slick neck.
I'll probably regret it one day...
Took out an old favorite, the 77 strat with the 73 body.
The only draw back are the frets that have been dressed and are really down to the already worn maple neck. I thought the best thing would be to get a refret as soon as possible, as other than that shes a really nice player.
Every thing was sweet until I noticed this advertised....been talking about EVH peaveys this week and the hardest ones of all to grab , suddenly came up on a local "for sale" board.
First year pat pending quilt.
These guitars are pretty rare and having read some sites , have an extremely good reputation of all being slightly different in appearance but at the same time , very good guitars. This one is a 1997 example.
Gonna have a look at it on sunday, so we shall see.

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