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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapyard Challenge prt 2..Bridge Pick up

Must have been about 04 in the morning when the idea came to me to squeeze a Dimarzio sds1 into the bridge on the SC. Tools down and wait till tomorrow was the right idea.
Obviously these types of pup don't just drop into the area supplied by a tele body, so my plan would have to be as cunning as a weasel to get it in without completely ruining the pup and making sure it would work.
Looking around the case I sourced a 1 meg pot that was meant for the D Gatton replica with Bardens but never used and some thick foam to get some height under the pickup.
Out with the solder and off we go...still think there seems to be too much earth or two have to be reinforced or added..maybe from the bridge..basically it's wired up with 2 volume pots, front for bridge running the 1 meg pot, and 1 500k running the neck pup.No caps, no switchs, just wired straight through to the jack. 

As I've still only got 3 strings (the 4th B broke..) I haven't been able to give her a full test drive but apart from the buzzing issue she sounds and plays a lot better than I could have imagined , considering the quality of the neck.
With a 77 hardtail body and other parts lying around..the next challenge is set.As the body is a 3 bolt neck I will have to source a 3 bolter ( which I have..) and there is already an original 77 pickguard and some pick ups ready to go..what be as much as a scrapyarder as this one.
Theres also a rather nice neck that is fretless that requires life...rosewood board and sold as a schecter...not sure if it is, but that may find itself on the "freedom" kids guitar as it has a proper 4 bolt setup for a neck and a hardtail in place.
Right then, make sure I don't miss the bus tonight to go and finish off the ZXR!

Note: the buzzing was reduced dramatically by a proper earth added from the Bridge to the pot.

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