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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fender JV 83

Heres a guitar I borrowed from the local today.
Its got a JV plate, but you'll notice it doesn't have the made in japan on the neck decal.That dates it to the middle/late 83.It does have the pencil mark on the base of the neck and looking at the electrics they look original.
pots and cap look original, pups don't..or, after searching the web I can't find any info about them.Marked SD 2 83 and with a sticker A1 R on all of them except the bridge, there are some questions on some forums but all unanswered..maybe they are original and only found on these early years..?
The neck and mid pups have vintage style wiring but not the bridge , which has the more original normal wiring found on the earlier models..There is some poor soldering on the volume pot so you can hazard a guess that these aren't original..
Poly or nitro? hard to say..with the lack of "made in japan" under the fender decal, this would make it slightly less appealing as a collectors piece, however this doesn't take anything away from the fact that its an awesome guitar! the neck is a cracker , i would guess its a 9,5 radius and not the 7,25.
The light weight could be the fact that its sen ash and not alder..

well, we shall see.I'm not a collector. I was gonna say I'm a player, but I'll change that to "i'd like to be a better player"..
This is a guitar to be enjoyed and played and it's impressive...just gotta decide by how much to warrant the cost...
The pup marking:

Now here comes the hard part of today.. I walked out the local , the owner mentioned he had a real 62 in the office...
he took me up and showed me the was soooo light...100% original and used and abused..amazing...

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