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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapyard Challenge!

The initial plan tonight was to head down and finish up the wiring on the ZXR. Not much left to do so I thought I'd keep up on the roll I was having from the other night...
..having missed the bus by 30 seconds I decided 20 minutes was too long to wait for the next one and due to the weather being the absolute worst for walking anyway, ie black ice due to 2 days of rain on 3 meters of snow and then freezing again..I came back home and set myself a wee challenge..

I have a case of parts from all the previous projects and collected junk I haven't used for others, parts purchased from ebay that I felt were total crap for what I required at the time and so on and so forth..

The neck, for a right interesting piece...can't remember why I bought idea what make it is..some lunatic went to a lot of bother anyway to relic it..its got official fender decals including official custom shop and srv signature decals on what is a very thick and solid maple cap neck..the same guy even went to the bother of penciling a '62 neck date...despite the allen bolt for the truss adjustment..Anyway, the other neck in the yard has no nut or this was gonna be the starting point.With the size of the tuner holes I thought I'd be stumped until I noticed the MIC freedom kids guitar could help me looks crap..but it works and was in the general rules of the challenge!
You'll notice the poor attempt at a custom shop decal...ah well, at least the tuners follow the same color tops as SRVs...pearloid..
The only option for the body was an item I purchased a while back from Canada. Once again, no idea of the make but a nice slab of wood and nice grain.Fitting the neck to the body isn't as nice as I would have hoped..I had to raise the neck at the front bolts to get the string clearance, but it worked out and I'll have to sort something if i want to make it look a wee bit better.

You'll notice the gap between neck joint and body to fully appreciate what I mean..

The bridge is a three screw affair. I think the body was originally a top loader as I have a top loader bridge, but it had been drilled for strings thru the body and I drilled the 3 screw modern style and purchased for "string saver" poly saddles which lined up with everything. No bridge pickup so that was that.
Neck pup is a no cover Rio Grande Vintage tall. I have to say I've never seen a pickup that was made for such large adjustment screws! Fortunately these had been saved in my case of screws and misc parts as well as springs.I bored out the rather odd sized pickup guard that I got with the body and used a tap for the screws and kitchen knife to get it to fit around the strat(?) neck. I have bags of relic screws and new screws , so fitting was easy after the mods. I fitted up  string to check if it was gonna work and had to modify the neck and check the truss rod to get anything to sing from the strings. After a few times on the truss, the height adjusters under the neck and the string height adjusters on the saddles, we were in business! It was gonna be a seasick Steve guitar and probably suit 3 or 4 strings more that 6..with a mud slide!
I found parts in the the strap holders that I bought as "original prototype Gibson" bla bla..but never used..the volume cap had been around for donkeys and fitted perfectly..think it came off my Univox flyer which ended up in Brazil to a Ramones fanatic..
jack output was sourced from the kiddies guitar which has all grown up sized parts on it!
Solder came out after 2 hours, I strung up with 4 strings which is all I had to spare, plugged in and to my delight she buzzed up and made some noise! basically got E,A,D and a far! probably could do with one more earth...but wtf, 2 hours and I've cleaned up some crap to make a Scrapyard Dog that works and sounds good!

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