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Thursday, April 22, 2010

too good to be true?

So anyway, the local airport closed down due to a volcano having another smooth pipe smoking time, so here 'till saturday.
Now, I'm looking through my mates facebook pics and he comes online asking me if I ever looked at his 69 Aston Martin DBS. Okay, if your proud of British built cars, not Chinese Volvos or Indian Saabs, your at the right place...Current price for a mint 69 DBS is £125,000. He bought his as a project for a once in a lifetime price...and after 7 years he's still working on it but happy he has it.

I looked at some pics on the web and decided to have a look around the cyber market to check prices and specs and generally read about Astons and DB6 basket cases , found in a barn in Australia but selling for 600,000 anyway.
Then I reply to an ad for a DBS for a craic and get a mail back from a woman who wants to sell me a minty 69 DBS for 110,000 kronor...shurley shomshing wrong, mish moneypenny..I whisper in my Connery lishp..

Thats 10% of its street value...
This must be a scam...but, I've sent and asked for copies of documentation, photographs, titles and all the rest. If its real, its a deal!