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Saturday, April 10, 2010

its all in wiring...

Today has been a day of musical chairs with a soldering iron, a 500K pot and the Dimarzio 1 meg pot in the latest Jonesy tele.
After soldering here there and everywhere and then pluggin and playing and touching and buzzing...the conclusion was to shield infront of the pot with some very useful shielding silver tape I have, as well as fixing a solder lug into the body cavity which will get soldered onto the single volume pot. That sorts out the Earth problem.
Now then...the 500K pot had too much slack, so its a binner (doesn't have the rather tasty rubber seal in the top that the Dimarzio sports..)..
I was toying with the idea of a silver mica bleeder on the V pot. The 1 Meg of course gives a different edge and brightness than a 500k pot..but I'm simply not sold on the sweep of the pot. At the moment you can hear the acoustics from the solid body more than the silver Jubilee until you hit 8, then all hell breaks loose!
So finesse...and to be honest on the DF Hotrod sporting the 1 meg its a completely different story.
BUT...and this is a huge BUT , the sound of this G running wide open with or without Dist is massive.
With distortion its a Billy Gibbons creation, which is to say the highs and peaks and edges and everything great remain with the Gain, no mud!
So for a while longer, she'll remain a 1 Meg potta!
Interesting note that the TV Jones people recommend you solder the white live to lug #2.

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