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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Balanced Act!

Up to the elbows just now..the parts I ordered a while back are dropping thru the letterbox, today the duo no-load pots arrived, so I had to get the solder iron , new solder box and a quick look at some wiring diagrams...decided to stick with the same setup I did on the 77/3 Fender Blackie, which is a tone on the bridge, tone on the neck and middle runs open.
Then the SRV oil cap slotted in and everything was soldered up.The middle pup, mentioned previously, is I believe an old 60s original.I had to extend the wires on it , and as I had some original around it worked out well.
Now then, what really surprised me the most was the balance. This was pure chance, and what a balance!
The neck, an EJ neck cs, the middle, not sure, at a guess a reading around 5,9, the bridge, an original DM FS1, awesome bridge pup.