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Monday, April 5, 2010

Teak n Bivax

Right then, over Easter and the body has been getting coats of Teak Oil and left to drive 24 hours at a time. I don't want to darken the body too much as the neck has a nice shellac shine.
Now, today I tried the beeswax in a hot bath to see if I could get some running beeswax, and by all accounts I'm gonna have to heat up the bath more..I'm not 100% yet if I really wanna seal the body in this wax...we shall see, I'll have another shot tomorrow..

In a few days I reckon the rest of the parts will have arrived and I can't wait to put see how this guitar will sound. With such a light body and fat heavy neck I reckon its gonna be a cracking sound from the TVjones Powertron. As the neck is a baseball bat I'll load up with some heavy strings, probably DRs'.

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