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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zxr750R stolen for the second time.....

Couldn't believe it would happen a second time...

After the first time I received the bike back in a body-bag and it took a long time, and a lot of effort, to try and replace all the parts that were smashed by the first thief...

So after months of looking for Unicorn crap, in the shape of zxrr plastic and alloy tanks, clocks and all the rest, and having set up 6 pots with titanium bolts...

...the fucking bike was stolen from an underground garage which had to be vandalised to get her out..

ironically...I had just bought 4 litres of oil, a new set of clutch plates and a gasket for the change...still sitting in the house..None of this time comes under insurance policies and I'm just awaiting the slap in the mouth figure from my insurance company whom I hope will have a heart slightly warmer than the south pole...

It's been three weeks now and I'm still gutted about, I looked at the scrappy parts left over from the first theft and decided I'd start on rebuilding another bike...

Currently the check list had a few dainty parts to be getting on with:-
Frame, racing rear-sets, Muzzy works exhaust, alloy tank, rear seat unit (both scrappy), front calipers..and..thats it.

So, the key parts to ensure it's an RR again are the hard to source parts:
zxrr engine for the close ratio box
Fcr carbs...a must have
Zxrr Front forks
Zxrr rear subframe

I went out on the net and decided I simply had to find a subframe as I have a frame already.
Looking around I realised this wasn't going to be an easy task. Initially I managed to buy an M rear subframe which I thought would be the same...fortunately the German salesman cancelled the ebay transaction and I could breathe again.
So off I went into the small wee hours onto the cyber bay looking for anything to do with zxr..and there it was, in a shop in California..a subframe advertised simply as "subframe-ZXR" and nothing else..I saw directly that this was indeed a K model subframe as it had the front seat pad lifter fitted..
Initially the classic shipping calculator had been eating shrooms all day and listed a shipping cost of 175 dollars, which was more than the cost of the subframe.. A few mails later and I came to an agreement on shipping and costs, and so Project ZXRR is now officially on the move, with a subframe currently on the way over from sunny California.

A few hours later in the cyber and I'd sourced more of the key ingredients..more on that later though..

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