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Thursday, June 27, 2013

ZxRR jigsaw puzzle gets one more part...the central part!

The Zxrr rebuild project.

The one key ingredients to a Zxrr, compared to a J model, isn't simply an alloy tank and single seat hump.. If you've owned one you'll know what I'm talking about..It's the K engine, or as the Japs put it, "full power" engine..

So if there was going to be any big talk about a rebuild an engine with that infamous gearbox would have to be sourced..
I found 1..deep in the middle of guarantee...but an RR and with a delivery cost that would frighten the milkman..and of course no FCR's...Regardless I knew that if I was to build a machine it would have to have the gearbox and lumpy cams of the K (same as the L I'm sure..) but at the same time if I wanted to race the bike and have it eligible for classic Superbikes, I'd rather do it with the correct model.

So, just as I was considering the costs of the German model, I came across a picture from a bike shop in Sweden that got me rather excited...

Of course, this could have been a J model with a seat hump off a K...the paint job seriously didn't was advertised as a ZXR , broken in parts..keen eyes will notice the rear shock reservoir at the rear...
A quick call up north and right enough, it was being broken and there was nothing left except for an engine, missing the generator, starter motor and of course FCR's..

Deposit down and a pick up date in the future..


Project ZXRR is now moving forwards with the meat on the bone of the soup...

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