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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Led Zepp -Celebration day

Postman dropped off my purchase of the DVD/CD reunion gig by Zepplin back in 2007 at the O2.
So the first thing you have to realise is that you are going to be watching a band with an average age of 60..before you start setting judgements..You can't compare it to the '73 16mm classic or you may be disappointed. However, if you take it for what it is, you'll be as fucking amazed as I was at just how hard these guys can still rock!!
Looking around the web and you read on forums that Page was looking old and tired and that Plants voice wasn't up to I said...these guys are on the otherside of 55...and at the same time, with people passing comments like that, I almost understand why the band had second thoughts about ever getting back they would always be compared to their heydays..
hardcore Zepplin fans will get it and should have a copy as it's like the Gods are leaving the rest one last statement after all these years...and they do it with class.

With regards Tone, I had a look around for more info about what JP was using. Everybody is writing their opinions about what guitars he "should" have used and so on and so forth..load a bollox...but anyway, he did get given a Marshall setup by JM:

.....which apparently he never used as it was too late to set up into the rig. This was based on the hand wired Jimi Hendrix signature rig.
Beside his freebie, he ran his old Petersburg 100's from Russia, Orange 30W amp and a couple of Engl 4x12s.
For more info on the Rig;
and more interesting:

Some say that there is ALWAYS an AC30 around the mention though...and that the Orange was the main amp...tehn again, some are pissing and moaning about the muddy assist the tone is of course the usual Pete Cornish pedal board:-

At the end of the day, it's all from the fingers....

I'm happy to have had the opportunity to watch this gig which was sold out in milliseconds...damn shame they never did a world tour to follow up, so this is as good as it gets.

I find it quite touching that Jason Bohnam wrote that after the last song he went to the dressing room and burst into tears as , not only had his dream of playing with his dads mates come true, but also the fact that this would probably be the last time it would ever happen..
-and that is sad

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