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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Owl .....

With the purchase of a new battery, it was finally time to go and see if I could get the Ow01 to turn over. This was always going to be an interesting experiment as I had rebuilt the engine without really understanding if everything was as it should I thought, all in and fire on the starter hoping the ignition timing was gonna be sorted..

As the bike came without a street wiring harness...and as I was fortunate enough to pick one up for sweety money, it was always going to be a "fingers crossed" exercise..And no didn't turn over..As you can by the film, I checked the starter relay as it says in the fzr1000 manual and she turned over! First time and sounding manic!

After looking through the entire harness and some serious head finally came down to the side stand switch I coupled it up and boom! off the switch...
Now it's just to fill her up with petrol and water and ....

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