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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yamaha Ow01 nearing completion

No updates for a while. been busy and indeed waiting for parts to arrive.

The OW01 is nearing completion as a bike that can be used on the road as opposed to only the track.
I've manage to source quite a few original parts second hand which has assisted the cause. I also went with a stock radiator as opposed to the full race systems I have.
The works engine was removed and will have to be rebuilt.
Instead a YZF 4H engine has been dropped in with me retaining the OW01 sump, race pipe, Harris airbox and FCR's.
Most of the work has gone into adding a complete wiring harness and all the parts required to make her street legal. She still wears Magnesium Dymags as well as a larger Harris Endurance alloy tank.

Once all the boring parts are fitted , the last part will be a replacement fairing that will be drilled and filled, painted and fitted.

Will update with pix once the parts have arrived.

I did like these fairing holders that were advertised on ebay. Gets rid of the tacky metal OEM parts.

Once she's finished , the work will then continue with the build of the ZXR750R.
Still haven't got over some bastard nicking have a bunch of parts to put together to build a race bike ZXR750R....

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