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Friday, December 27, 2013

Xmas time is quality time

jeez, it would have been so much easier to keep the bike as an out and out road racer...but that was then..
Since then, I've had to source parts to make sure she'll become a legitimate street bike with race parts.
Obviously this is made slightly harder by the fact that they didn't make that many...and those they did were usually raced...
So finally we're on the final furlong and there is an end in sight..

the rear end has now the extra bracket for the original mudguard, rear light number plate holder. That's cleaned up the wiring setup quite nicely and now it's only a bracket required to finish off the rear. Obviously it's a pain in the ass to find this small bracket that acts as a holding bracket for the flasher relays etc...but has been sourced, unfortunately at silly prices..
Amongst the mess I managed to find the alloy bracket that goes across the top of the battery and holds the seat off the battery unit.

Ohlins reservoir holding bracket is on, as well as those amazingly turned rear alloy seat bolts. You can see the YEC frame strengtheners which seem fairly over the top.
harris box is fitted up and is basically empty and basically the feeding pen for the keihin FCR 39' filters..just wire mesh to stop rocks getting sucked in.. Top frame fairing mount was also sourced and fitted as well as the original clocks and funny lights bracket which has had swap-overs of the tacho and gauge that came with the racer. Still to source a speedo...maybe decide to use a digital speedo which means I could use the front Marvic without having to muck around with wheel changes...I have a front wheel that came with the bike, so still undecided...all down to finding a KM/H speedo.
Finally the wiring up front is complete except for the speedo of course, but otherwise the water temp sensors are all connected and finally, with the addition of the original radiator, the fan is coupled up.

Tomorrow and there is a short list to shop which includes some stainless bolts to fit the front headlight and the front frame stay.
Also fitted the new alloy fairing stays for the sides, but due to some previous work that seems to have changed the original set-up, there's a bit of juggling to set them up right.

last but not least and soon fitted, will be the full fairing.

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