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Monday, August 6, 2012

where are we with the OW01?

Right then, the ow01 project is moving forwards, slowly but surely.
Received a mail from Tokyo this morning informing me that the headlight wiring and lamps went through and will be in the post soon. That was a massive bonus...and basically removing the sprint harness for the road harness is where we are in the project.
On the way from WEBIKE, Japan, is a right hand switch as the original had been butchered into a kill switch from the previous owner with it's innards guttered...shame..but good that he left the left hand switch in the left-overs box..
So now it's been a case of relay hunting and working out what I need to complete the harness which I found on fleabay for a token 45 quid...I've managed to find a complete list of electric parts that I need to source and on top of that will be getting a rear mudguard and bracket that will assist in fitting the rear light gear.
Up front and I will use a race fairing bracket.
Haven't as yet decided which way to go with regards fairing. I have sourced a couple of originals, but it may be easier to buy a replica as opposed to paying for the real thing.

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