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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be advised Nasa..countdown to fireup has begun..

With Hitachi style block connectors in hand and a bunch of wire and relays, the OW01's wiring set-up is almost at a close.As always you have to be aware just how much work is involved when dealing with a pure out and out road racer which you want to convert back to semi-standard.
Doesn't make it any easier that you start with an OW...

So basically the PRK wiring look is in , the relays are attached and all the required wiring is hooked up. On the list to do, we have a front instrument panel and idiot lights , but on the other hand I may not bother with them and simply add a zxr speedo. Still work in progress..
Then we have the fact that the bike came with a zxr 750 radiator..and no fan.. As I have a ZXRrr I know the importance of the these bikes run hot..
initially the idea was to keep the rad and add a zx10 fan which i would mount to the left side....there would have to be a thermo switch added of course...currently I simply added a block connector which has the temp switch plugged into the system...
As I was really wanting to make a replica of the Suzuka 8 hour bike that Roberts put out Rainey on, I thought it would be good to have a look around at other larger rads..suddenly, out of the blue came the unicorn crap..

This is the same as set up that the S8 hour had... don't reckon I'll bother with fans.....I believe this is a factory YEC... so one step closer anyway...

So far, I haven't even managed to turn the engine over after the rebuild of the OW engine. With the Ignition lock arriving yesterday, the idea is to plug in and get her turned over to see if there are any unwanted issues...

Alloy tank is obviously not stock and is apparently an endurance tank size...has the pump in the bottom. You can see the YEC frame strengtheners make this like the forth road bridge..

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