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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Took a bit of work..but...worth the result...

One of the major issues of buying rare bikes in "not" perfect 100% mint condition is getting into a condition so you can use them on the road without having them turn out too bad..
So far the search for OW01 parts has been interesting. There are not many spares around and even the guys who have a stock are finding their stock shrinking..
Recently I was fortunate enough to find a guy selling an original ow01 wiring harness on Ebay , as an FZR1000 wiring harness..well, lets just say it shared the 3PK harness s/n number..
Now that I've removed the total loss sprint harness, I've fitted the original and I'm in the process of sourcing the correct relays and bits and bobs..despite having the original headlights, I didn't have the front wiring harness and this is a "Unicorn syndrome" part to find.. 
So a few nights ago I googled the WWW and there it was..a complete front headlight setup with harness on Yahoo Japan Auctions...
These auctions are can find some really cool stuff ..
The seller had "local shipping" only and the broker to buy anything off the site wanted me to pre-deposit money, pay x amount extra and percentages of shipping and all the rest..I wasn't too excited at the prospect.. I contacted a business that we used at work, based in Tokyo and asked if someone could help....

Cut a long story short, it's mine and should be on the way soon...

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