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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relay"ing the message"...

God I hate waiting for parts that I've sourced...part of the rebuild process I know, but tremendously boring anyway!

having got a list of relays the search begun in earnest for the revelant black boxes...some of them now obsolete, so if your lucky enough to find one on the fleabay it's a case of buy it in yesterday!

It would have have been "oh so much easier" to leave the sprint harness on the bike..but that would have restricted play time and as the bike was setup for a total loss battery system, been impossible to use without jump starts..

I've managed to find 3 of the main relays and now it's simply a case of waiting.
The replica right switch arrived from Japan and to my dismay had a different set of block and bullet connectors's only a matter of time and effort to change the connectors to one 9 pin block connector..but once again it's a question of waiting for the parts to arrive.Such a shame the previous owner gutted the original switch and used it simply as a kill switch..however, c'est la vie.

There are a few items on the list like a condenser and resistor (used for the fuel reserve?) which can wait for a while..I will have to fix a few block connectors for the switch and the fuel pump which has also had it's connector removed and changed to two bullet connectors as opposed to the three pin connector.

One more headache was solved today.
This time it was the speedometer issue. The bike also has a tach and temp guage left from it's original cluster...and as the bike isn't going to be 100% original I thought of sourcing a seperate speedo casing which I could then fit a brand new speedo innard that I bought a while back which is a black faced 300km/h speedo face. I sourced a Kawasaki 89 H2 speedo on the bay which was complete. So I'll rip the innards out and replace with the one I have stored. Obviously that will also require a swap of the front dymag for the original front wheel which came with the bike.
Not sure about the backlights on the speedo , but don't think this will be too difficult.

Another wee headache I had was the fact that the top yoke has no place for an ignition switch. However, solution solved by using a steering damper plate to hold the switch (which isn't as yet purchased..)....should be a neat solution despite losing the locking ability.

Right then, busy the weekend the team I coach won the swedish 7's championship with a 58-0 win in the final...

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