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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Week in 2010...Pt 3

....So..friday and the airport and we decided to wait at the airport for the band we both met and grew to know, Anthrax to arrive from Moscow..However, due to the fires surrounding Moscow they're flight had been moved so we headed into Stockholm with so much to catch up it was daft..
Drop off at the Strand radisson blu ended up with a call to the drummer of the Cult, John Tempesta, and a quick walk to Gröna Lund as they were playing there.
We met up and first things first, wheres the bar? Pistonhead beer lay around as freebies as for the first time I was informed that the beer was free at the Tyroll bar..oh..dear..1 beer ended in around 5 beers and we watched a rather surreal Cult playing as the roller coasters thundered in close proximity and höjd skräck thundered down every few minutes..The show was frikken awesome!

So, shows over and then the party began..had a great time with the band members as we headed into another small live gig and hit the booze..then the message came in that we were gonna head off to either Bruce dickinsons party or Tommy Lees..we ended up at Fredsgatan to the Lee party which was pretty subdeud and by this time of nite with only a hotdog and about 40 beers and chasers it was getting late..
I remember ending up at the Sheraton for a final round with the guys and then Andy and I split back to the radisson, none the worst for wear..or so we thought...
Saturday came and catching up with charley and Scott at breakfast was cool after so many years.
With Frankie not getting a wake up call we had to sort out the cab to Sonisphere which was cutting the time fine for Anthrax to hit the stage..I also managed to get my eldest and his mother a pass and it was pretty awsome getting them onstage to watch Anthrax and Slayer as the rain felt like hell for those 55,000 that had come to the gig that included Motley Crue, Iggy and the Stooges, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden.

Both shows were frikken brilliant with Anthrax really impressing after so many years and despite a few minor problems with a patch cable they really had the crowd on their side!
I'm actually in this one with my son , stage right.

So...a long day hanging backstage as the rain pounded down and the red bull assisted in what was a very late night before, but it was some pure magic to relive a time phase which I had almost forgotten about due to the other paths that I'd walked down since 92..
Unfortunatly I had to say cheerio to my mate Andy who I will see again and then it was back to reality which another stop over in Stockholm with Mr Nyheter24 which was cool as he was wondering if I'd survived and an x2000 homeward bound to Gbg on the monday..
A week that wont be forgotten for a while for different reasons...
And for those enjoyed the mud at Sonisphere...

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