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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Week in 2010...Pt 2

The holiday that wasn't really a holiday to be honest...
But suddenly in the midst of it came a week..7 days where suddenly everything suddenly had the emotional roller coaster ride that one has a hard time to forget in a hurry...
The week started on the boss called me...this was most unusual and as I was snoozing and reality snoozing about whatever I kinda gave it a miss..until the third effort..then I realised somebody was trying to contact me about something more serious than serious..
call turned out that a work colleague, friend of 12 years and a guy who I helped get the job into the company, had, on sunday night, told his 3 kids of which one was his, to go upstairs as he finished off some wine and then decided to hang himself..This was really unexpected and once again the initial reaction was one of anger more than empathy..
If you can understand the whys and such like, your kinda too close to that bitter end not understanding it kinda makes more sense..

Then wednesday came and a trip north to a friend and an Alladins cave of superbikes.I walked away with a classic in a Kawasaki ZXR750R. 1 of 500 made with alloy tank, c/r gearbox, 39mm fcr flats and full jap power engine..ready for collection at some point..Whilst I sat on the bike and tested the reach my brother rang me from Scotland..this is also rather unusual thru the day..I ignored again as I sat on the bike but after the 4th time I answered..
"Remember Richard..the Kawasaki fanatic? He's been found dead floating in the Firth of Forth and Police are looking for people who may know about it"...well..that ruled me out anyway were my initial thoughts...but quite strange that exactly at the same time as I sat on the very bike that Rich would have loved, I get the call of his death..
I moved on to the X2000 and a train to Stockholm.
Thursday ended up in a bottle of Masi and company of people from Nyheter24.
Friday came and I headed to the airport to meet my oldest of friends for a reunion after 15 years..As we greeted we discussed old times and new times and he mentioned how he had met up the week before with Cubic, an old skateboarder who had been involved in a project to build a skate park in Edinburgh and guess who had been helping him and feeling much better after his depression..Richard!I broke the news of the phone call from the previous day..
It was only friday up..The Cult All Access..Sonisphere and Tommy Lees birthday party...

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