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Thursday, August 26, 2010

being there and being nice..

...just walking away from the local shop had me wondering out loud if indeed you had to be fucking nice to everybody..pretty sad really..everytime I go into the local shop along the road from work the guy is always trying to keep me there by being pleasant..always opens with the fact that he hasn't seen me for a while..and all the rest..its the usual sales pish to try and rope me in as a more consistent customer..
..and everytime I leave whilst he's still talking...can't be fucking arsed with that pish...sad though as I mutter "mind yer own fucking business"... me thinking about everybody and nobody..the social stigma of "being nice" to just "being nice"...
Reckon its a Skotx thing to being a bitter bastard...but from where I couldn't tell ye..some kind of inbuilt dislike of persons until they prove their worth...seems a bit back to front to the norm..when being nice assists and you get along...all false shite if you ask me..people would fucking hack yer hands off and hand feed them to hungry Otters if they had the chance of getting a ladder rung over ye..
Everyday I watch people with and position of power is of course a very dangerous position for anybody and everybody...and it amazes me the amount of "I, Brutus" that goes on around the paddock and all for what...seems to be more the case that with that position the once situation of lacking any backbone or character is replaced by some pseudo confidence trixster who weaves and weaves, using every set of stairs possible to accelerate into the fortunes of power...but what of this power...its not real power, its right down there amongst the sewer levels...but thats where most of us are and now and again we get to mix at top table...

Bitter..? No, just very aware!

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