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Friday, August 27, 2010

Muzak Alchemy Productions

Ok, so finally the dvd "Cabin fever" came through the letterbox and once again the Black Crowes didn't disappoint..
Then this got me thinking...
Now, despite knowing and speaking to a few quality musicians..the main problem you get if your not "all that" is that when discussing anything or projects they tend to ask "how good are the musicians, well, I have to ask"..kinda thing..which is understandable of course..' I, new at the game but enjoying the whole deal who has now decided to do a real Alchemist idea and turn us "shite" to Gold!
As opposed to once again asking around the guys who can't, what about asking people who are actually into having a craic...4 the craic! So, here cometh the "Sunday Klub" at what will eventually be Alchemy productions and studio affairs, which is to say trying to turn shite to gold..which is to say that those who turn up are the Horse type that not only get lead to the water hole but also want a drink and dont have to be forced into the idea of getting a bunch a friends over to a Barn with equipment, some recording gear and a bunch of intruments, and over a long weekend the concept would be to try and get a song together from scratch...all in the name of fun and music!

The whole deal about music is as much enjoying what your doing and if you get the right place , get a lot of beer, some music films and cds, but more important some decent gear that you can play at high level..its the old addage of getting monkeys long enough in a room with typewriters they will learn how to use them and type..(but who will clean the typewriters...)..
So, looking for players with passion and not just a frikken bad attitude! You only need a couple of power chords and some decent pedals and bobs your uncle!!

I'm really passionate about this project! First things first and that will be to try and persuade some mates to come over from Scotland and just have a shut in for a few days!...and regardless of the result, I know that those seconds, hours, days and nights will be a whole lotta fun!

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