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Friday, December 11, 2015

Marshall 5110 ripped and used as 1x12 speaker cabinet

okay, the Marshall 5110 as a combo is a decent solid state combo from the 80s. But, I have a silver jubilee head and I wanted to run it through a practice 1x12 cabinet. So I decided to use the combo as the foundations as a cabinet and purchased the required fitting gear from Earcandy.

Part one is complete. However, I'm not convinced by the Celestion G12M 70 4ohm speaker, so the hunt is on for a replacement. I may just remove a speaker out of the 2x12 Jube cabinet.

Having looked around the net there are a lot of decent speaker manufacturers out there. One company that has impressed is Scumback. I'll update if and when I decide what is gonna replace the G12M 70.

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