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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

a couple of pedals for xmas.....BOSS DD-2 blue label and Velvet Minotaur

I have to say I'm not a huge fan of pedals. I'm not that far advanced's enough to plug into the amp...
..however, I do like the odd pedal and currently looped into the jubilee is an analog CE-2, a TE looper and a Korg guitar tuner. Front of amp is a Jam wahwah. I was really keen on finding a delay that I knew I would be happy with, so the other day a Boss DD-2 came up at the right price as it was scratched and didn't have it's box and original receipt...(??) so that will be added into the loop with the CE-2.

So, for some bizarre and reason that cannot be explained...I came across the price of the Klon Centaur. Now, I think pretty much everybody  knows or has listened to the Klon. It's the mutha of all tone pedals which is basically why they now command such high prices on the bay. the same price as a second hand car...

..and just like the Dumble amps that preceeded...Bill Finnagan also covered his secrets with black goo. This of course will never stop the hardcore pedalisters and right enough, the klon centaur schematic is now readily available...or is it? Soon enough you get linked up to the Illuminati and you read about diodes that are unavailable as a giant gold dragon has them in a hill somewhere and nobody can find that sound until the hobbits and dwarfs break into the mountain and steal some...

..then, you start listening to the comparison clips on youtube...never easy when listening through the mac pro...however, you soon realise that some of the pedals are really really close to the original..
Some claim to be EXACT copies in every single way with regards outputs and all the rest...but hold on..what about the hobbits and dwarfs....believe it or not, the more you read the forums the more the arguments are laid down about russian de/9 diodes and resistors aren't the same as lord of the rings diodes and bla, after listening and reading and reading and listening..It came down to basically two options that I felt were in the right price bracket and by all accounts had enough of the klone of the klon to entice me to bring one home... was either gonna be the Arc Klone V2 or the Velvet Minotaur. The price was almost the had free shipping and one didn' was in europe so no import tax...the other wasn't..
so..on the way from Greece is the Velvet Minotaur:


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