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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Right then...

Now that the Greco got the Burstbucker out of the tail of the G&L, it's time to start looking at stage 2 of keeping this fantastic sounding /feeling/ playing guitar wreck alive.
As previously mentioned, somebody got carried away with an electric drill and ripped out loads under the home made pickguard. The body is beyond salvaging and it was a close call that I picked up a replacement..If one comes along ..who knows..however, anybody familiar with the original F-100 will know that they looked very different across the board.
With it sounding so good with a humbucker in the tail, I'm thinking of keeping the same set-up but adding a couple of blade pickups in the middle and neck position. With the amount of routing under the guard, the next plan is to wire up a preamp and some other switches/pots to see if I can get a similar set up to frank Zappas much neater yellow strat. This really is a wonderful player and the G&L bridge is brilliant. I'd better start looking at wiring schematics...

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