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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ProjeKt Red

So you kinda guessed by now what the plan is...or know they change around when your in projex time..
So the SRV "red" guitar will be the rough plan but the parts are Schecker , including custom body in iroko which is really light, and the newly acquired neck which is a reverse head with rosewood board and made by L'arrivee guitars in Canada.I'm actually surprised it didn't sell sooner as the quality by L'arrivee is second to none and just looking at the pics I was impressed.
Schecker at the time were getting parts also made in japan but at some point they pointed their finger to Canada and here is the result.
Of course, a lot can happen before the neck actually arrives as there is a very heavy 77 hardtail strat body and a 78 tele body..we shall see...

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