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Monday, October 31, 2016

MV Factory windup front stand p/n 800095807

So, the MV. Currently she's looking at hitting the 35,000km on the tach and even though I got a whole bunch of receipts to show how much has gone into the bike, there are a few things that require work. 
To start with I've purchased new break pads, new front bearings. I looked at the front stand I had for the Ducati and realised it wouldn't do the job for the MV.
Suddenly the front stand pictured came up on the local selling site. a shop was selling out new MV parts as they would stop being a distributor. so 50% on all genuine MV parts. Should make everything easier.
At the same time I found another discounted item, a genuine MV Brutale bike cover. Also a discount item and by all accounts the bikes gonna look awesome once she goes under wraps for the winter.

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