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Monday, October 24, 2016

MV Agusta f4 Brutale 750

So...the Ducati 748 stolen and recovered...except this time it never came back to me as the insurance company kept her as she had so much broken plastic...sorry t see her always

So I was in the market for another bike and for a while I was looking at a KTM. Then this MV came up. never even knew this bike existed...the more I looked, the more I got interested...just looking at the spec sheet was just silly...
so, off I went on a train with a bike helmet, up north for 6 hours to buy the beast and drive usual, not really thinking...another Italian...wet weather? usual issues with electrics...who cares, just looking at the design and spec sheet..I mean to say, even the initial engine design was by Ferrari and based on 4 cylinders of their worst F1 car of 92....but whatever, it's what I wanted and knew i would need to get the hands dirty...and I wasn't wrong.

usual issues ...join a forum, find out the list of what goes wrong....after a few rain storms the relay electrical box kills the battery which is already long past it's sale
new battery- check
new electrical box - check

oh, but wait, this unit I bought does everything except the front headlight...It's then I read that "two" boxes were built and to ensure one orders the correct box for the 750.....ffs...
I find the correct box at an exceptional price and order. I get a message from the company based in germany that they are now on holiday and return in two weeks... I also get a message that MV are going through reconstruction with AMG and that parts are taking longer to get..ffs...4 weeks without a bike in the summer months...

So I drive with the box and no headlight. hashtag limitations...

Currently on the kitchen table are a set of koyo front wheel bearings as there seems to be a noise coming from the front wheel that sounds a bit strange...a fuel filter and o-ring and soon I'll expect some issues with the rear hub as apparently they also get a bit iffy after the mileage the bike has.

so, was it worth it? Oh yes. this ranks as one of the most enjoyable bikes I've ever owned. It's power band is more akin to a two stroke than a four stroke and it just feels right. Once the CAT was dumped and a mid-pipe fitted, it seemed to breath better and with the noise induction sounding like a 60's formula one car, you just want to keep riding the beast!

¨the next step up is the 910s, but I'd sacrifice the torque for the free revving 750 smaller engine.

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