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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

80's Floyd Strat

Right, the initial plan was to make a replica of Zappas yellow strat. Obviously to a point as sticking in pre-amps and equalizers and batteries requires more effort...

Anyway, having looked around for a body , things got a bit expensive if I was gonna go new with a relic scheme. So when this solid ash body came up I thought I'd just build a similar guitar., I was fortunate enough to find two 80s Seymour Duncan vintage hot stacks and I already had an 80s HS3 Dimarzio which balances up the neck pickup.
With a floyd sitting topside without a route as done with all the later strat bodies, the string height is slightly higher, but that seems to add to the solid ash sustain and the hot stacks that seem to pick up everything including radio one... harmonics across the board and when you add in any distortion things gets really heavy without getting muddy.

Most of the plastic is from the 80s and works well with the salmon gloss (see-thru 2 grain) colour.

The neck is pretty fat which also assists a huge sound.

The wiring is setup with tone on the bridge pup. Interesting when you use 2 position between the two hot stacks. Currently wearing 10's.

Really enjoying the ride!

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