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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dark months on the horizon

right then, it's soon the busy period in Sweden as everything starts getting dark earlier....apparently for most this is a hyper depressing time which explains the manic reactions in the summer months, but for me it means the end of the rugby season and into the projex season.

The Ow01 project was shelved for a few reasons. Due to an issue with the works head and setup I had to take out the fully tuned owl engine and stick in the extra engine I got with the bike which is a YZF750 engine.To solve the issue I needed another OW01 cylinder head which was just purchased around 1 minute ago. The works cams will slot right in and the issues I had should be sorted.

So it's head down to get the project on the race engine finished. Otherwise the rest of the bike is pretty much ready.

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