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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tear jerker

I found this on Youtube by sheer accident whilst watching the transatlantic racing from the mid 80s and the first World Superbike from Donington, which I actually went down to.

The 500cc two stroke class was without doubt the most brutal class in my time as an mc fan. Obviously I wouldn't argue with the generation that watched the TZ700/750's appear and remind us mere mortals that Lucifer did exist and worked out of a garage in Japan.
But the years of the Honda, Yamaha, Cagiva, Suzuki..amazing..the big bang engine of the Honda...and the riders taking the bulls by the horns also seemed to have it tougher than todays MotoGP who run 4 strokes with more wiring for the engine management and fuel injectors than they seem to have veins in their wrists.I could be completely wrong of course, and I wouldn't want to detract from the likes of Rossi or Lorenzo, but in my day you were a worthy champion if you survived a season on one of those two stroke beasts!

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