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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ever get tired of injuries...

Tomorrow and yet again another trip to the hospital to see what they can do for my right wrist injury.
Disaster struck as I was stupid enough to agree to play in a rugby game where I should have only been on the sidelines with a coffee and a cigarette.
The injuries this year have been a new time high..or low..depending on how you see it..
First off, in march I managed to keep getting pains in my lower back. A couple of trips to the doc confirmed the worst, a compressed disc in the lower back.
This managed to effect my left hamstring which lost it's gearbox around may/june. Apparently when nerves get trapped in lower backs they send pulses to the brain which in turn decides to stick hamstrings in reverse..weird as! I could finish a 2 hour session but the gearbox just wouldn't go into third or fourth...
Then, out of nowhere...the archilles decided to start acting up..and under the foot as well went willy wonka without, at least I had my guitars and my Kawasaki to work on and drive...
..and then..the tfcc ligament in my right wrist suddenly decided to rear it's ugly head and decide to act up...this is a very bad ligament to fuck with..its a rumble in the jungle ligament that can hold you on the ropes for too many rounds..the x-ray is my left hand..titanium bolt holding the scaphoid together....

With a new project on the way that requires some serious mechanics and with the kawasaki in the garage, I'm hoping for good news from the Hand surgeon tomorrow..despite the fact that it is still painful after a month and some...And the guitars...jeez..thats just mean..

I had to give the 69 tele a shot ....

retard..? become immune after the years...but remain retarded...

After todays hospital visit the verdict came in that I had two torn ligaments in my right hand/wrist and that I would have to retain the cast for another three weeks.If things don't improve then they want to go in with a camera and check out the damage.
Thought it was amusing that the hand surgeon asked me if I needed more volteraine until the next visit..

So, once you have one of these injuries it's always good to have a look around the forums and technical info about tfcc and everything surrounding the pros and cons of operations..
the news wasn't I looked around the web and came across this: the wristwidget

Now then, before you get cynical, the reason I knew the spin on this would work was after the hand surgeon today, who was a lot better than the three previous orthopedic doctors, did a few tests on my bad wrist.If I recall, he did a watson test, a derby test and several of them held the same places this widget holds and all the pain went away when he relieved the pressure..thats how he knew it was a torn tfcc and xxx ligament in my hand.So, if you read the spin as to how this wristwidget works, you'll understand once you've done the tests, it's worth the investment! I'll see when it arrives of course.. 

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