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Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Colour

Back in the day I heard this band were playing a small local down in Stockholm, about an hour away where I lived. I went down and was blown away by the musicianship of the band members. I obviously had already bought their stuff, but live they were so dynamic.
Funny story about that gig, I stood at the front row and kept shouting between songs that there weren't any t-shirts for kinda daft now, but back then it was all about tour t-shirts..almost like something historic to have.
So, at the end of the gig the lead singer took off his living colour US shirt and threw it at me. Still have it and still wear it.

Now that Youtube is spilling out so much media it's brilliant to find these clips. Musician ship at a high level and highly recommended if you haven't come across them previously!

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