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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black to Black

So, one of my all time favorite projects has been the 78 Black Telecaster with Sliders scatter-wound pickups and an all brass Andy Summers style bridge.The neck is really nice and all in all she sounds brilliant...however..she's actually beyond boat anchor weight, given that she has a solid brass bridge and saddles.With a mint green pickguard and Mr Horsepower sticker, she's always been a favorite..but the weight...just too much..
..for a while now I've been looking around for a body to retain her used looks but keep her quality and as  luck might have it I found a decent replacement body weighing in at 4LBs 8 ounces, a 1969 telecaster body that had been stripped and refinished in black. Personally think it will keep the character of the guitar and I'm hoping this is indeed an upgrade on the 78 body which I will sell to finance the most recent purchase.

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