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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Think everybody whose ever worked on any project has the same fetich for titanium and magnesium as woman have with platinum and white gold..and by all accounts its the same bloody cost!
Today I started setting up for the last haul to put the engine back in the frame when I discovered on of the main front engine bolts had a rather difficult time with it's threads.Not sure how this has happened but it was on the same side as it got smacked, so that has once again put us on hold for the engine going back into the frame.
So, time to check out some of the other parts of the rebuild which of course include these rather expensive titanium bolts for fitting the 6 pots up front. It's all rather odd, but the six pots are lighter than the original four pots.
I had to remove the original green mudguard which will be replaced by a carbon fibre unit.Should look good with the gold and black.
At the same time, due to some interesting paperwork, I'm once again thinking about getting on with the aprilia swing arm and all the other special parts..but we'll see.Its all down to reporting the new K frame replacement or not...

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